Sunday, 10 February 2013

Our Kids Council

 Evans, 11, has his eye on Uncle Billy's job one day. He is a clever, kind and responsible boy who is always happy to take on any challenge within the family and today he is our guest blogger.
Evans writes:
''I am  writing about kids council. 
At the Happy House Mama and people thought  that theywould ask to do a  kids  council.
Every Sunday  all the kids at the Happy House meet together and we do kids council.
We discuss about  important issues and then we tell Mama what we discuss
 We decide that the kids should help more and when Mama  and Papa came home at Christmas we organise a party.
In the kids council there  are seven people and these are
Evans,Sifa, Hassan,Mercy,Janet,Jane and Maria  and we enjoy doing that.
I am the chairman.
Thank you very  much we love you.''
*Pictured (top) are: Sifa, Hassan, Jane, Mercy, Janet and Maria.
Easter parade
Mama thinks it would a fun treat to introduce our kids to a English springtime tradition ..  the Easter Bonnet Parade.
We have some hats, but we really need  trimmings (ribbon, flowers, glitter, glue, glue brushes, chicks, bunnies etc.)
 We know the kids will just love getting creative and it will be fun to see what creations they come up with. We can get them out in time but we would appreciate your help,
So if you have anything suitable that you would like to send to us please email Elizabeth: for an address.
Thank you