Saturday, 23 February 2013

Birthday bonus

 Birthday boy Musyoka not only had cards and gifts, he also received a visit from his grandfather.
His grandfather, who keeps in touch with progress of Musyoka  and his younger brother, Francis, and sister Mwende, came bringing the children's birth certificates.
Key ring from Auntie Lynn
The children were among the very first members of our family when Mama Sue opened her Happy House three years ago, and that is how long it has taken to get the children's vital documents.
Uncle Billy, our social worker, is constantly on the case with any known relatives of our children as it is their duty to come forward with birth certificates. But things move at a snail's pace and it can take months, or even years, for a relative to produce them.It is both frustrating and difficult for Uncle Billy.
The delay in getting birth certificates also explains why birth dates may not be as they were first thought to be, as what may have been the date given when a child arrived could be entirely different from the birth date registered when the birth certificate appears.
For Uncle Billy, this is another three off his list and he'll be grateful to Musyoka,  Francis and Mwende's grandfather for bringing them.
Charity night
 There are just few weeks until our charity night on Saturday, March 16, at the Hotel Sheraton, Blackpool, so please be sure of getting your ticket from Mama Sue. It's going to be a fun night and Mama will be looking back on our last year and telling you about some very exciting plans for the future. There will be tombola, bottlebola and raffle (we still need donations of prizes for all these please) and a great dj.
Tickets are £15 (inc buffet) from