Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Mum on the run

Mum of two Amanda Barron is pounding the pavements in a bid to raise £500 for our Happy House family.
Her previous best a schooldays 100 metres, she is now training for the 13-mile Bath Half Marathon on March 3, with her sponsor child, Margaret, as her driving force,
Amanda, mum to Oliva, seven, and Phoebe, four,  said: My children are being raised in a world of love, health, education, and endless possibilities.
They go to a fantastic school, they eat a healthy well balanced diet, they have never felt fear or pain. Their childhood is truly about fun and learning.  I feel very thankful for these things everyday.
 I find it hard to justify in my head why children like mine can lead this life while others in the world know nothing but hunger, fear and hopelessness.
Children all over the world are being exploited and abused.  Its not right and we need to do something about it.
Thanks to the Happy House, children who have known nothing but suffering and neglect, now feel safe and loved.  They are well educated, fed and cared for.  These children could change the world its up to us to help them get to that point.
Sponsoring a Happy House child is extremely special to me for many reasons.  I can talk to my children our next generation - about Margaret our sponsor child.  They understand from a young age how lucky we are and how it is up to all of society to help the less fortunate.  No one chooses where they are born and to what conditions, but anyone can thrive with just the right amount of support.
The Happy House has always made us feel a part of the family and a part of Margarets family.
Olivia has been able to email her with some questions about Africa for a school project which she then shared with the class.  We are sent regular updates on how our sponsor child is doing at school and it is wonderful to know that she is enjoying school and one of the top pupils in her class.  Her future should hold no barriers that she cannot knock down.
Amanda, married to Mark, worked in HR before taking time off the be a full-time mum.
Although I enjoy exercise and have always been fairly fit I have always hated running! I am reallso ify trying to be positive through all the training sessions but I have to admit I find it all extremely boring!  So the most competitive running Ive done is the 100 metres as a teenager. Im a very competitive person at heart Im going to do this thing I plan on doing it to the very best of my ability!
The thing that drives me is knowing that if I raise some money for The Happy House it will all be worth it in the end!’’
To sponsor Amanda, from anywhere in the world,  a visit