Saturday, 16 February 2013

A day for sharing

The Happy House family has grown to include the day pupils who attend our nursery and primary school.
By taking fee-paying pupils we are making the school self-supporting, which it has to be, and welcoming children to our classes from the wider community is great for our kids too.
So it's lovely when parents also feel touched by the family atmosphere of the Happy House.
Thursday was a special day for day pupil  Jayden Paul Katheka, he was celebrating hisfourth birthday. local business man, and mum, Sara, who works at a local restaurant went along to school taking cake and biscuits so that he could celenbrate with all the other kids.
They are so happy with the progress of Jayden and his sister Teresia Paul and say it is a wonderful
school for their kids.
Jayden is pictured celebrating with his sister, dad and school pals.
Thank you Paul and Sara for sharing your boy's big day with all the family.
Family birthday
And there was another birthday to celebrate at the Happy House this week.
This time it was our own Rukia who was on the receiving end of the birthday honours - when all her brothers and sisters sang her the birthday song .
Our Italian visitors Christina and her daughters, Francesa and Bianca, presented a very happy little girl with her gift.
Happy birthday Rukia.