Monday, 4 February 2013

Hat's the way to do it!

Yeehaw! Our young Kenyans have become cowboy kids they discover the the fun of line dancing.
Knowing how much the kids love to dance and can strut their stuff to any kind of music, from tribal dancing to hip-hop, Mama took out some line dance dvds as a new challenge to take on.
And not only did she take the dvds, she and Papa managed to pack enough sparkly red cowboys hats (an out-of-season Blackpool bargain!)  for everyone to have one.
 The hats and the dancing have proved a huge hit and after only a couple of weeks of  dedicated practice they have mastered some of the dances perfectly.
The older kids demonstrated their routines at Kidz Club for the whole family plus some special guests, volunteer Sarah Flanagan who has now come to the end of her Happy House experience, her husband, John, who flew out to join her and Sue Hayes, a former director of NW Barnardos , who played a huge role in helping Mama set up the policies for the Happy House, prior to it opening, and her husband Ron.
Sue and Ron are regular visitors and spent three months helping when the Happy House was taking its first children back in 2010 and Mama and Papa were delighted to welcome them back.
Sarah, too, has had such a rewarding time working in school that she hope sto be back too (thank you Sarah for being such a great asset!)
On Saturday, Mama and Papa joined the kids for a specialcommunity  environment and health awareness day  in Malindi when our line dancers staged a performance for the assembled guests.
How proud they make their Mama and Papa!
Pictured: John introduces himself to the family.  Ron, Sarah, Auntie Rose and Sue enjoy the dancing spectacle