Sunday, 24 February 2013

I have a dream .. by David

In our Happy House family we believe that only by showing our children the stars can they reach out for them.
Mama, Papa, Uncle Billy and all the staff encourage each and every child to believe in themselves,tp be the best that they can be, and to know that by working hard they can succeed. 
Dreams can come true.
Today, the elder of our two Davids, David Karisa tells us of his ambition,one he has in common with other little boys the whole world over. 
David writes:
My favourite activity is football I like football because football makes me strong and it's part of exercising yourself.
 I normally play football because I want to be a football champion. I want to play and to be the best champion of the whole would like Messi, Rooney, and the other top players.
I want everybody in the world to know me and that am the best player.
  I want my dreams to come true as I wish.