Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Thank you Mama Sue

An Italian family were sorry to miss Mama Sue when they visited our family at the Happy House, but were so surprised and delighted by what they saw they have now written to say thank you.
Christina, Stefano with Lidia and Lauri write: We are missing Watamu and Kenya very much and will surely be back as soon as possible. We are sending you a photo taken on that day.
It was a big surprise to see such a well organized and equipped structure!!
Definitely Sue (hello Sue - you weren't there that day, you were going to return from the UK the day after ) and the staff have done and are doing an amazing job.
What you are doing during this one life is worth 1000 lives and more.
Our children were very touched by the experience. It was so lovely to see Sue's friends taking the little ones for an ice cream.
Lots of love from Italy