Thursday, 21 February 2013

The Happy House: A unique place for children

Adriana Prieto is now back in the developed world after working with our family as a volunteer.
A graduate, from Mexico, Anna is in Florence where she is hoping to start her career.
But, she says, after being at the Happy House life will never quite be the same again:
"After three months volunteering at Happy House, my life changed.
Now I'm back to my “normal” life in Florence, but after being part of Happy House family nothing will be the same.
Those kids are part of me.
I lived for three months in Watamu, Kenya, spending  most of my time in Happy House, but meanwhile I had the opportunity to get  to see it from the inside and also  to get to know other local children's homes.
                  The Happy House is unique.
It is really sad to see how the other homes struggle day in day  out because of their lack of structure and organization. And also because a bad use of economics resources.
Friends of mine in Mexico ask me how and where they can send help, my only answer is: Happy House.
Why? Because I trust Mamma Sue and her staff. I know all the help you send you will see there, at the Happy House, in those kids. 
Kids who, every morning, wake up with a smile, excited to go to school, eagerly learning everything from French to music.
Happy House kids are kids like you and me, kids who are ready to go out to the world and who have the same opportunity to get a job, and that is because the preparation that Happy House is giving them. No difference.
Today everybody in Watamu  talks about Happy House as the best social project… and they are right.''