Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Down to earth

We are really enthusiastic about our efforts to grow our own fruit and veg and it's rubbing off on our kids!
They are always keen to get their hands dirty helping in the greenhouses and the outdoor plots.
So now we have the Happy House Young Farmers' Club.
It's divided into two teams, very democratically chosen, and each has its own plot of land to cultivate.
This week one has planted pumpkins and the other water melons. Next week they have to clear some land to plant tomatoes.
When Mama Sue called in at the weekend she said : "I thought you had Young Farmers's today?" and was answered with a chorus of "We have done it Mama, we have done it."
Sue says: "With that it was me and 25 children trooping down to the garden tp see what they had done."
There's sure to be competition between the two teams, but every child will be a winner as everyone will get to taste the fruits of their labour!