Saturday, 12 November 2011

Our 11.11.11 arrival

Today I have tears  of joy streaming down my face as I post these words, written by Sue, who yesterday brought home a very special 11.11.11 arrival.
"We were telephoned recently by Malindi Hospital to say that a new born baby girl had been found abandoned in the local area. She was in a plastic carrier bag and thrown in some bushes. We immediately said we had room in our family for this baby.
"We supported her whilst in the hospital with milk, pampers, and yesterday the long awaited call came that she was well enough to come home. When a child is abandoned and we take them into our family we can name them.
"The children always take our surname as they have been committed to our care by the court. I decided to call this brand new family member Elizabeth Anne, Elizabeth after my dear friend Elizabeth Gomm, and Anne after Elizabeth’s sister who sadly died all too young and who I know Elizabeth still misses every day.
" So now we have a beautiful Happy House baby called Elizabeth Anne Hayward. I think the name sounds so posh, as if it is the name of a famous writer, maybe she will be, just the same as her namesake.
"I wanted to thank Elizabeth for all her love and dedication to the Happy House Family. Elizabeth took, what she calls the leap of faith last year retiring from her job as the Women’s Editor of the Blackpool Gazette newspaper to help me more with the Happy House and it’s ever growing family. She works tirelessly to raise the awareness of the Happy House and the children who live here, many who would not have survived without this safe haven.
"Elizabeth gives talks to schools, groups and organizations, she writes to many companies for donations. If anyone stops her in the street to ask if she would like a new credit card or take part in a survey, they always hear all about the Happy House Family and are asked would they like to be a sponsor!
"Elizabeth is just the most dedicated volunteer coordinator any family could have. The children call her Auntie Libz, I call her my amazing, inspirational, lovely caring friend. "
Elizabeth writes: "Now you see why I am in tears.
I am, for once, made speechless by this most wonderful gift from Sue, my very special friend, and the words she has written.
When Sue told me she was to name our little foundling Elizabeth Anne I thought I my heart would burst with pride for myself and for Anne.
Anne was the most beautiful person, her presence filled a room with sunshine, she was intelligent, kind, funny and so generous. She and I were sisters and best friends.
Our Elizabeth Anne has in my lovely Anne the most wonderful guardian angel.
Anne died aged 46 and never lived to see the grandchildren she so hoped one day to have.
She adored children and they loved her. Every day, still, I tell her about what I've been doing and all about our kids.
I know she would love what I'm doing... and ever since her death I have felt I must live my life for her too.
To have a beautiful baby, who I have loved from the first moment Sue told me, named for both Anne and I is the most overwhelming privilege. I know I will never find the  words to express how it really feels.
To be so loved is beyond words.