Sunday, 6 November 2011

Working holiday for DawnHeather

Back at the Happy House is our very good friend DawnHeather White who does so much to help our family.
DawnHeather, from Bangor, North Ireland, works so hard to raise money and her end-of-summer brainwave to challenge her colleagues to bag a sales bargain to the tune of £3 for our kids  caught on big time and has resulted in lots of beautiful new clothes (and a whole load of Happy House inspired shopaholics!)
She has been sendingthe clothes out in parcels for weeks (the last of which arrived the same time as she did) plus bringing suitcases full to the delight of the whole family.
DawnHeather, who sponsors Fikiri, is now spending her hard-earned leave working with our kids helping out in school and wherever else she.
Welcome back DawnHeather and thank you for all you do.
Shades of delight: DawnHEather is pictured with Fikiri and Katana, all are sporting the new shades she bought for them!  And also with Sue and Dave and some of the latest parcels from Bangor.