Tuesday, 29 November 2011

My beautiful Elizabeth

My heart singing, I hold Elizabeth Anne for the first time.
This fragile little being, just a month old,  is so tiny and just so beautiful.
As she looks up at me with her huge dark eyes, I feel an overwhelming surge of pride and joy.
That Sue should give her my name, and that of my late sister Anne, who I loved so much, is such a generous and loving gesture. A gift beyond any price.
I loved her even before I saw the first pictures Sue sent to me earlier this month when she came home to the Happy House, and I have been counting down the seconds to our first meeting.
Now to have her in my arms is the best feeling in the world.
I feel sad that she will never know the mum whose circumstances must have been beyond dreadful for her to she abandoned her newborn daughter in the bushes, but happy that her home and family is here with Sue and Dave and our Happy House family - the happiest family in all of Kenya.