Sunday, 13 November 2011

Safe haven

It didn't surprsie me in the slightest to hear that having gone to Malindi to pick up our beautiful Elizabeth Anne, Sue arrived back at the Happy House with a second child in need.
Her name is Daniella she's 11.
Sue tells me: "As Billy and I  were leaving the hopsital the Children's Office telephoned to ask if we could give a lift to one of their social workers and an 11 year old girl he was taking to a rescue centre in Watamu.
" As we travelled, me cuddling Elizabeth and Billy driving, we chatted to the social worker. We discovered this little frightened child was called Daniella, and she needed temporary care until a relative could be traced.
"From what we could make out she ran away from violent circumstances and was living on the streets until a former neighbour saw and took her to the Children's Office.
"Billy said that particular centre was not the place for this little girl, it was all teenagers there with many different kinds of problems  that were not the kind we Daniella should be involved with.
" So of course ,in the blink of an eye ,we offered her a bed at the Happy House.
"When we got home and told Dave about the day, he said you have an 11 day old baby and 11 year old girl, on the 11.11.2011. How amazing is that, and I was wearing my poppy with pride!
" Daniella, the little girl in blue,  was given such a warm welcome by the family who were excitedly waiting for their new baby sister.
"Janet said we have a spare bed in our room we will take care of her. She was immediately surrounded by 'sisters' chatting laughing and encouraging her to go with them."
So Daniella will be safe and a part of our family for as long as she needs our help 
"Yes, " Sue affirms"we are a very welcoming loving family."