Thursday, 3 November 2011

Clifton calling Kenya!

It's gives me real pleasure when I get a chance to tell children here about our own children at the Happy House.
They always want to find out as much as they can about how our kids live .. what they eat, what games they play and how, and why, they come to be growing up in our care.
So I was delighted to spend an hour or so so yesterday with a class of eight-year-olds at Clifton Primary School, St Annes on Sea.
They've been doing a project on Kenya (there's a splendid display of their work in class) and so I was invited in to tell them what it's like to actually go there.
They were so interested in all the pictures I had to show them, both of the local area and the Happy House. And by their enthusiastic questioning they had taken in every word I said and were so caring when talking about our family. We could have carried on they had so may questions to ask but it was almost time for break.
The children finished off by thanking me by singing a song in Swahili and did it so well they excitedly volunteered a verse about coconuts too - also in Swahili!
They were a real joy to be with -their brand of enthusiasm is totally infectious- and sent me home humming their African tune. 
Asante sana (thank you) to each and every one of you.