Friday, 4 November 2011

Our Stan

Phew, it must be hot. Even our honorory Happy House kid has taken off his duffel coat!
Our kids love Stanley. He is an empathy doll used for counselling troubled kids, and he spend his days sitting in Sue's office watching the world go by, until school is out and he gets a chance to play.
It so nice for the kids to have a doll they can really identify with and cuddle up to and he got to us via our very good friend Lesley Pidcock.
As our network of supporters around Blackpool use the Art Deco Cafe in Blackpool
Stanley Park as their unofficial HQ, we named him Stanley Park.
As far as the kids are concerned, Stanley's had a pretty tough start just like they have.
Abandoned on a park bench with a note from a troubled mum asking his finder to give him a good home
Stanley was found by Aunty Libby and she knew just the place for him - a home and family where he would always be safe and loved, with lots of brothers and sisters , The Happy House.
And now he, too, is a has a role to play in the happiest of families.
Our friend: Stanley is pictured with  with John, Francis, Hope, Oscar and Samson