Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Student helps out

American student Kelsey Nichols is thoroughly enjoying working with our kids.
Kelsey, from Maine, is a third year student at St Lawrence University in upper state New York and is spending a semester in Kenya where it has its own set up.
Kelsey, volunteering with our family, says: "For the last month the students involved in my program all go their separate ways and volunteer for an organization. I was fortunate enough to find the Happy House on the internet and was thrilled that Sue was willing to have me here.
" Thus far, I have really enjoyed my time at the Happy House. The kids are so great and they are so eager to learn. I have been helping with teacher Rose
's KG2 class.
 I have been helping teach basic math.
 I am here for two more weeks and then I head back to the US.
 I am so grateful to be a member of the family and I hope to return to the Happy House again!"