Tuesday, 15 November 2011

A special delivery

Mercy has just received her very first letter and gifts from new members of her sponsor family, Darryl Anne Cole and her children from Brighton.
She was thrilled to bits to receive a pacel through the post addressed to her and we know that seeing the happiness it has brough to her special child will bring Darryl Anne so much joy.
Michelle Rathore from Ashton Under Lyne sent to big boxes full of clothes and goodies for the children which are also much appreciated.
And another package picked up the same day, but strictly for Christmas, was from Rukia's "Bury Aunties" - her sponsors from Bury Soroptimists.
We are getting so many packages for Christmas, we can't name them all here, but believe me, we are so grateful for your kindness and thank you for caring for our children like you do.