Friday, 11 November 2011

David's exercises get started

It's been a week since we were told that our baby David has Down's Syndrome and as we promised we are doing our very best to make up for lost time and to help him to build his strength and stimulate his senses.
We have had so much valuable information from the Down's Syndrome Association in the UK, that trainee social worker Hemedi, who is on work experience with our social worker Uncle Billy, has been through it all and worked out a programme of exercises etc which will be done with David regularly throughout each day. He has also drawn up a special guide to help with communication skills, plus facts about Down's and advice.
Billy and Hemedi led a training session for the housemums and volunteers to take them through the programme and work got underway immediately (head housemum Prescha is pictured putting David through his paces!).
Thank you to all those members of David's sponsor family who are eager to help him in anyway they can.
Billy says: "We are all optimistic that we shall aid in his developmental achievements to the optimum level."
We all look forward to following the progress of our very special little boy.