Saturday, 1 April 2017

Shout it out loud for Papa!

Shout it out loud - we love you Papa! 
Springing a surprise isn't easy when you have a family as big as our own.
But Mama still manages to come up trumps.
She and Papa are planning a a few days break so they will be way for Papa's birthday next week, but such a special occasion couldn't go without a party.
Papa had an inkling something was happening, but he had no idea what was in store for him.
So he was bowled over when our secondary students, kitted out in the colours of his beloved Leeds United, ran in to greet him singing the team's anthem,  Marching On Together.
They were led by sports teacher Mr Steve, who had everyone doubled up with laughter, dressed as cheerleader, Miss Leeds United!
Papa, a life-long Leeds supporter, was on his feet to march with his valiant troops before  doing a lap of honour wrapped in the beautifully home-made banner.
Tomorrow is the day the kids write the blog so we'll be back with Papa's Party Part 2 on  Monday,when there will be more wonderful video and pictures.