Monday, 3 April 2017

Always and forever

Mama Sue and Papa Dave are a perfect partnership.
Together for more than 40 years, they are as devoted to each other today as they have ever been.
Papa is Mama's love, her rock, her friend and counsel. 
He supports her in so many ways, and gave up his idea of a relaxing retirement in Tenerife so that Mama could follow her Happy House dream.
So for Papa's birthday, which is tomorrow, Mama wanted to make it very special  and  she and the whole family planned lots of surprises for his birthday party,
And some of our secondary school girls, at Mama's request, sang "Wind Beneath My Wings"  for her and Papa to dance to,
It was a magical moment which which touched the hearts of those around.
Earlier in the party there was a fun fashion show with our staff dressing up in costumes which had the kids cheering and laughing. 
Mr Steve, the sports teacher, stole the show with his comedy dance dressed as Miss Leeds United and the outdoor staff got lots of cheers when they ran in dressed in football kit.
There was also dancing, singing, tug of war and birthday cake.
And as it was held at Kidz Club  there had to be a Star of the Week .
No surprise at Mama's choice, here, as she called Papa to receive the award!
Happy birthday Papa from all your friends around the world