Sunday, 23 April 2017

Learning to cook by Jedida

Jedida with Auntie Phillis
We can never have too many cooks in our kitchen as the kids are so eager to learn and help.
Today's blogger, Jedida, loves cooking:
In the kitchen we have two aunties. The aunties always cook for us different meals which we like. Most of the fresh vegetables they cook  come from the garden.
The aunties are very helpful to us in different ways such as giving us advice in case we need it.
 In the kitchen, we normally use the oven to bake bread or cakes. The bread and cakes are very delicious because the aunties are very good at doing it.
I like helping in the kitchen because it teaches me how to cook different things such as pizza, rice, ugali and soup.
 Right now I have learnt a lot from the aunties and I am able to cook some of these meals.
 I keep on helping so that I can learn more. The more I help the more I learn about new things in the kitchen.
When you look at the Happy House kitchen, it is always clean and tidy. This is because the aunties always make sure  they have cleaned it well after cooking.
The utensils are also very clean because after every meal they are cleaned and kept ready for another meal.

Helping in the kitchen is one of my best hobbies because being there and helping the aunties is enjoyable and interesting.