Tuesday, 11 April 2017

End of term talent

Each term at Happy House School ends with a celebration.
The closing day ceremony is an opportunity to reward success, improvement and effort and also to showcase the talents of our students.
They put in a lot of time rehearsing for the celebration at Friday's closing day, and those who assembled to watch - parents, relatives, guardians and guests, were absolutely delighted with the show they had to watch.
Class 3, most improved
Students gave recitations, sang songs, demonstrated dancing and put on a display of acrobatics.
Dancing David
The presentations were made for academic success, and Class 2 emerged the best class in lower primary with Class 4 the best class in upper primary.
Form 1 was the best class in secondary school.
The most improved class was Class 3 primary.
At the end of the show Mama called for the "best dancer" in school to step out to perform.
And without hesitation, our David was there!
Some of the older kids have been teaching him to break dance, and he's giving it his all.
As David completed his solo spot to rousing applause, Mama told the gathering how, when he was was 11 months old, she had been told he had Downs Syndrome and to take him home and love him. he would never amount to anything.
"But we knew he could do more and worked so hard with him to bring out his potential and look what we have now, a happy, healthy, dancing six year old.
"And that is what we call our Happy House magic!" 
David's dance spot is included in today's video. Click here to watch: