Sunday, 16 April 2017

Closing Day by Jacinta

Happy House kid Jacinta writes about the end of term closing day ceremony:
The closing ceremony was on a Friday morning.
 When we wanted to start our programme we had to get prepared first because we had many activities ahead.
 We were to start our activities at 9 am so we waited for Mama Sue to arrive so that we could start. 
When the time was reached, we started with a word of prayer from one of our teachers. 
Most parents had arrived very early but others came late. When the parents arrived, they were so happy everything was ready. 
Everyone was co-operating and we observed very nice behaviours.
The parents were entertained by different things from the pupils. 
Some pupils sang songs, others gave poems and others danced. When all the presentations had been done, we had our best dancer that is David Hayward perform for the people. 
David came here since he was a little boy and if you see him now he is big and he can now dance.
He danced at the ceremony and everybody was happy and enjoyed watching him.
After the ceremony, when the parents went into the classes they found out how their children had performed in exams, some had done well and others had performed poorly. 
The closing ceremony was so nice and we enjoyed it.