Friday, 14 April 2017

Charlotte's act of kindness

At Happy House we are touched by the kindness of others every single day.
But there is always something very special when the kindness comes from a child wanting to help children less fortunate than they are.
When Charlotte, five, who lives in Taif, Saudi Arabia, found out that Lesley and Alan Pidcock were making a trip to Happy House she wanted to do something for our kids.
Lesley said: "She came to me with a bag of clothes and toys she had sorted out that she wanted me to bring, so of course I found room to squeeze them in."
Esther eagerly posed for a picture with the a giant My Little Kitty and some lovely dresses sent by Charlotte, whilst Elizabeth clasped one of the toys  but wasn't being free with her smiles!
A very big thank you to Charlotte for being such a very generous little girl.