Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Hamley says Hello, I've come to stay!

A bear called Hamley has joined our family.
He was brought along by his cousin Barnaby who is the infant class bear in a school in Taif, Saudi Arabia.
They hitched a ride with Lesley Pidcock, who is a teaching assistant in Taif, and her husband Alan when they were coming to Happy House.
Barnaby can only talk to adults and  he is always on the look out for children who behave well, use their polite words and do good work.
When they don't he gets sad. When they do he might ask them to give him a hug,
If a child is sad, he can listen and help to make them feel better.
Barnaby has a friend called Hamley who needed a school where he could be the special bear, so he brought him along to Happy House.
He's heard Auntie Lesley, who has been volunteering, say our playgroup and KG didn't have a school bear.
Auntie Lesley introduced them both to the Happy House family and told them all about the bears and their special powers, which were illustrated when Freddie, her helper, took them round to talk to our teachers.
Hamley told Mr Isaac, our head teacher, he was very happy to come to Happy House, he told Md Sarah, playgroup teacher, that he's like to sing Twinkle Twinkle and  Md Elizabeth, who is teaches in our secondary school, was thrilled to bits when said he'd to join her class.
We think he may have been kidding on that one, Md Elizabeth!
Hamley is staying at Happy House school now  Barnaby, has gone back to his school in Saudi so Auntie Lesley can help him to tell his own class about his travels to Kenya.
Hamley  is a very welcome addition to our family and even has his own Happy House shirt made by Lesley.