Monday, 24 April 2017

Home visit time

This will be a quiet week at Happy House.
As it is the last week of the Easter holidays, children who have relatives in a position to take them on a home visit have now gone home.
They left on Saturday, eager and excited.
Relatives came to collect them bright and early in most cases.
Three children got a lift from Noah, our driver, who was going to Mombasa on an errand was able to drop off John. Daudi and Diana on his way.
Maintaining links between children in our care and relatives is so important and Mama's pro-active approach has enabled Happy House to repatriate, by providing continued support, kids, previously in our family full-time, to relatives who have got back on their feet after the tragedy or extreme circumstances that led to their young relatives going into care.
Pictured are Baraka with his older brother;  Hussein and Husna with their grandmother and John, Daudi and Diana.