Saturday, 22 April 2017

A fab farewell

A special kids club earlier in the week, a trip to the beach and hot-dogs for lunch all added up to a a splendid send-off for Lesley and Alan Pidcock who set off back to Saudi today,
There was cake at Kidz Club on Tuesday, with songs and good wishes, and yesterday they enjoyed a trip to the beach, a splash in the sea followed by the walk home and hot-dogs apple bobbing, ice cream and more fun and games.
Lesley and Alan very kindly paid for the treats for the family.
They have both enjoyed helping at Happy House and Auntie Lesley has bee sharing her skills as an early years childcare teacher (she taught at Doncaster College before retiring and moving to Taif) with our own teachers.
Mr Isaac, headteacher, thanked her for all valuable contribution.
Alan complimented the school on being a caring and happy environment and told them they should all be proud.
The couple, who with the support of friends, raised £5000 for Happy House, were good friends before they arrived and have sponsored since their first visit in 2010 shortly after we opened.
It's been wonderful to see them again and we are grateful to them for all they have done.

Safe journey back home, hold the Happy House in your hearts, and come back again soon.
Lesley said: "What an amazing last day!
 "A trip to the beach with the children, fun and laughter all the way there, when at the beach and on the way home. "