Monday, 17 April 2017

Doing the family shop

 Doing a "big shop" took on a whole new dimension for Alan and Lesley Pidcock when then they went out with driver Noah to get the household groceries for Happy House.
It was their initial fundraising aim to cover the cost of the household shopping for our family for the two weeks of their stay in Watamu.
But they did so well, and with such amazing support from their friends and neighbours in Taif, Saudi Arabia, that they raised far more - enough for the shopping and to take out computer appeal to its target as well!
Doing the shopping is eye-opening as it's about as far removed from a supermarket shop as you can get, but it's always interesting and enjoyable and willing helpers are aplenty at Happy House!
Lesley and Alan did have a chuckle when they saw the brand of maize flour is called Taifa, it could have been made just for them - just add an A  to Taif for team effort!
Thank you again to Lesley and Alan and to everyone in Taif who supported them.
You have truly made a difference to the lives of our children.