Sunday, 29 January 2017

The best place, by Gabriel

A scholarship in our school has transformed Gabriel's life.
He was working on a building site trying to help support his family, when he became one of our first scholarship students in 2014.
Without Happy House he would have been destined to a life of poverty. Now he has a chance to make something of his life.
He writes:
We are so happy with our environment at Happy House school because it is so nice and interesting  more than than any other places you may come across.
 Our buildings are well arranged in that our visitors when they come do not suffer because it takes a short time to find what they need.
They do not waste time because they get assisted by the right people in an efficient way. 
We also have the best washroom at the left side in front of our classroom and we  have the a wonderful dining hall where we usually take our meals at the intended time.
In the grounds we have green vegetation with flowers which makes our perimeter fence look beautiful and makes sure our eyes are never bored when we get out during break time, lunch and games time.
 We also have the best computer room, lab and library with all the resourses we need. We, the students, enjoy them so much and thank you for providing them.