Wednesday, 11 January 2017

School Report: Helping hands

Auntie Coral
 Volunteers play a big part in our school assisting teachers wherever they can.
And as pupils have returned to begin another academic year, Auntie Coral and Auntie Gussy are back in class.
Coral Blackhurst has been volunteering for several years now and the kids are always pleased to see her when she returns to Happy House school.
Auntie Gussy
Coral, who at one time owned a nursery in Preston, is a wonderful storyteller and also has a huge bank of action and counting songs to share.
Auntie Coral also works with children who, through no fault of their own, have missed out on schooling and need some help to catch up with their peers in literacy and numeracy.
Gussy Bunbury, has experience of working in special needs schools, and uses her strengths to help little ones who have special needs and other little ones who need a bit of extra in put.
Meanwhile, across our schools youngsters have resumed serious  and focused studies.