Sunday, 22 January 2017

A promise from Kelvin and Mary

Mary Wamboi and Kelvin David moved up to Form 2 Secondary when theschool year started earlier this month,
Both on free-place scholarships, being in secondary school is something they had always dreamed of but, without of scholarships, would have been out of reach. 
These two young people are determined to succeed, They write:
"It was back in November that Mama Sue announced to us that everybody in Form 1 was to move to the next class. 
We were glad to hear such announcements and started the move immediately after the assembly and before the holiday started.
We were so grateful and glad with what Mama had done in bringing us new textbooks that are helping us now we are in Form 2
We say thank you to our lovely Mama Sue. 
New classrooms were also designed to suit us in our learning.
 We, as students,know that nothing comes in vain, that is why we promise to do our best in our studies to show that we really thank our lovely-hearted Mama Sue and all our sponsors and people who play a part in making this project a success.
Thank you once more.''

Baby Emmanuel

In his first day at Happy House Emmanuel's condition caused concern for Uncle Billy and our aunties and after taking him to see a paediatric specialist he has been returned to special care. 
He has a long, hard, road ahead of him and we desperately hope he will pull through and be able to come home again to Happy House.
Only time will tell.
Our thanks to everyone who is sending him thoughts and prayers after reading this update on Facebook.