Friday, 6 January 2017

Look smart, be smart - yes, you too, Abdulmalik!

With Class 8 of 2016 doing so well in the KCPE exams they are very proudly moving up into secondary school.
And their achievements have put our school, once again, at the very top of the education zone and we look set to be well placed when the district and the county results are announced later this month.
So it was a very happy Mama who addressed the first school assembly of the new academic year, encouraging children to look smart and be smart.
Buttoned up:
Abdulmalik, having joined assembly looking neat and tidy caught Mama's eye as he'd decided to unbutton his shirt and it was flapping open!
She couldn't resist a chuckle as he is one of our youngest
pupils, and he was soon all fastened up again.
Uncle Billy, our social worker and general manager, also told the children the importance of getting straight back to work.
Head teacher Uncle Isaac congratulated the successful KCPE candidates and the whole school gave them a round of applause.
It was then into class, books out and lessons on.
Have a happy time kids.