Monday, 2 January 2017

Looking back with thanks

With the dawning of a new year we look back with thanks and ahead with hope.
We cannot predict where 2017 where take our Happy House, but it will be a year to build on what we have done so far and to continue to improve the lives of children in our care in our home, in our school and in the community.
In 2016, the number of those kids living in our family fluctuated with some new arrivals, vulnerable beings in need of our care and protection, whilst others, once just like our newcomers, left us to start afresh with relatives, now in a position to give them a home.
Mama Sue and her Happy House are leading the way in reunifying families in this way. 
As far as we can ascertain, we are the only children's home facilitating the return of children to relatives who have recovered from the tragic circumstances of loss, sickness or hardship that led to their child or children being deemed in need of care.
This is again an example of how Mama will always find a way.
If a mum, dad or other near relative has a  stable home to share with the kids they love, and can put food on their table, why should they and their children remain forced to live apart? 
It is the cost of education and healthcare that are the major obstacles, so by ensuring Happy House covers these - paying the schools and medics directly - a family can be together.
We never lose sight of these families. They are monitored regularly to ensure all is well at home and in school. The interests of each individual child is put above all else.
Mama and Uncle Billy have every reason to be proud of this wonderful achievement. 
So do you.
You, our friends who have continued to sponsor a child once repatriated have relieved the pressure on our charity finances of reunifying families as well as showing their child how much they care.
Repatriations, opening our secondary school, extending our scholarship scheme to more bright young people from the local community, whose school was jeopardized by family hardship, are the three biggest achievements of 2016.
We now look forward to making a difference to more young lives.