Sunday, 15 January 2017

Our laboratory by Rita

Scholarship student Rita loves learning science and being able to put theory into practice with practical experiments in our laboratory.
The lab, funded by Blackpool Soroptimist's Christine Walker Memorial Fund, is in use every day.
Rita writes: I am happy to write  this blog. Our lab is next to the secondary school.
 It is  a large room painted in white colour.
It has three windows and one blackboard.
At the centre of the lab, there is a wide  bench table surrounded by stools.
 In addition to that there is a small table for teacher, Mr Laurent, and a chair. 
Also we have a lot of apparatus found in the lab e.g. beakers, test tubes, bunsen burners and other items. 
All the sciences are done in the lab and we enjoy them very much.
 Many visitors enjoy coming to our lab to look at how our beautiful lab is.
 There is no other beautiful lab in the society like ours. 
We thank all those who participated in building our lab and we appreciate them.