Saturday, 14 January 2017

Mama's empty nest

Poor Mama's suffering from empty nest syndrome as the last of her babies left at home at the Happy House has started school this week.
Elizabeth Anne, 18 months, joined the playgroup class in school and is settling in well.
With Nicholas, two months her junior, walking first and starting playgroup last term, Elizabeth (left) was on her own in the baby banda.
Now she's found her feet, Mama and Uncle Billy agreed it was time for her to join her peers and teacher Md Sarah was delighted to have another fledging in her class.
It's early days for Elizabeth but she's doing fine,  while for Mama it's another story.
Mama always has a huge workload, but after the long school holiday with kids around all the time, the Happy House seems so very quiet.
Luckily, school just a few minutes away she can pop down any time she wishes!