Monday, 30 January 2017

Holiday homecoming and new update on Emmanuel

Refreshed and relaxed, Mama and Papa came home from holiday. on Friday.
The Happy House family gathered to welcome them, pleased to see them looking so well after their trip to the coast near Mombasa.
Mama, who has suffered problems with her back recently meaning she had been using crutches, is now walking without so much as a stick.
Rest, gentle swimming and sunshine has been just what the doctor ordered - in this case doctor Papa!
Mama and Papa moved hotels for the last few days where they were joined by Uncle Billy so that he and Mama could attend an important conference hosted by the Association of Children's Charitable Institutions in Kenya.
It's the first time in 10 years that Mama and Papa have taken a proper holiday where they could totally unwind - and we can't think of anyone who deserves it more.
Welcome home, Mama and Papa.

Emmanuel scans normal

Recent scans show foundling baby Emmanuel has no internal abnormalities which dispels another set of fears as his kidneys prove to be fully functional. 
Today he is getting small feeds on a regular basis and notably making some positive progress. 
The doctor says that he is gradually gaining weight towards 2 kilos which is recommended before discharge. 
All the same, the doctor is concerned about his intolerance to milk and has suggested a visit to a specialist in Mombasa.
Uncle Billy says: "Our key partners, Pope Francis Rescue Home, have asked us into a meeting on the way forward .
"Best wishes to our brave little fighter.
" Many thanks for all our family and friends who have joined us in thoughts and prayers."