Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Brave Emmanuel "a little fighter"

 With love and medical skill, baby Emmanuel Christmas is holding his own.
He was admitted into special baby care on Friday, just a day after joining our family, as his condition was causing concern.
At three weeks old he weighs just a little more than his birth weight of 1.5kg (3lbs.30zs)..
But it was probably because he was such a light weight that saved his life.
He was found, discarded in a pit latrine, early on Christmas day by a young girl on the way to a church service,
When she went to use the toilet,  she heard the weak cries of a baby and rushed to raise the alarm.
Local people smashed through concrete to make a space large enough to lower a rescuer 12ft into the pit to pluck the babe, resting on raw sewage, to safety.
Had he been any heavier he would almost certainly have drowned.
Emmanuel joined our family on Thursday at the request of a rescue centre in Malindi, but on Friday,  Uncle Billy was worried about his condition and took him to a paediatrician. He was admitted to special care.
By Sunday, his tummy had distended, his temperature soared and he needed oxygen for his breathing.
Yesterday, his fever had gone and he was improving but is due to have a scan.
Mama said: "Uncle Billy spoke to the paediatrician who is generally happy with his progress.
"Emmanuel is a bit upset because he's hungry and can't be fed but is getting all he needs via a drip.
"So far, so good.
"He is a little fighter.''
Our special thanks to all our caring friends who are keeping this precious little boy in their thoughts and prayers
We will bring you more updates as and when we can.