Wednesday, 4 January 2017

All smart for school start

There's no last minute rush to get the kids back to school at Happy House.
As with everything, Mama has ensured advance planning will make today's transition from the end of the long holiday back to class as smooth as possible.
Teachers have been getting the classrooms ready for their pupils, they have all the books and materials they need and our children have the uniform and shoes they need.
Items that have been outgrown, but not worn out, have been handed down to younger children while our resident dressmaker, Lucy, has made new uniforms for anyone who needs them.
Shoes, leather school shoes and  pumps for PE,  that are still wearable have also been handed own, and new ones bought for those who need them.
We are grateful to those of you who have made donations towards uniform or shoes for your sponsor children,whether they are living at Happy House or those are now living back with family members and attending new schools, or scholarship students in our school.
It's an expensive time and your donations are a huge help. Thank you,