Sunday, 8 January 2017

My hopes, by Moses

Hi everyone, I  am Moses Cosmos,
I am glad this morning to share with you some writings about my hopes.
Being a Happy House scholarship kid makes me happy.
I have now, from this week,  been promoted to to Form Two  in secondary school , which has motivated me in the progress of my education. 
Being a scholarship kid has shown me the vivid picture of my future life which will be as bright. When I wake up each morning  I see good things life holds for me. 
With all good things Happy House has done for me  I can fulfill my hopes of feeding hungry minds and supporting  the poor in society as my pay forward what the  Happy House family has done for me.
 My heart is filled with peace, due to the efforts of Mama Sue and all our sponsors I know I have a future which is full of hope and no longer hopeless.
I am thankful for all I have. 
May God keep you and bless you.