Saturday, 1 October 2016

Home, sweet home - and happiness

These pictures are worth a thousand words.
Reunited with her mum and now in a new school, Peninah is as happy as can be.
She has made new little friends, is loving her new school but hasn't forgotten the "brothers and sisters" she grew up, with at the Happy House where she spent the first six years of her little life,
"She is so happy after making so many new friends, " said Uncle Billy, who called in to see her at her new school. 
"When it was time  for me to go she walked me to the gate then ran off hopping and skipping but not before sending me home with loads of greeting for everyone.
"She started with Charity, Abdul Malik, Nicholas .... and onwards!"
It's been hard for everyone in the family to say goodbye to kids who, after being in our care, have been reunited with relatives who are now in a position to give them a home.
As the costs of education and medical care are the two major obstacles to relatives who, having turned their own lives round, want to be able to take care of their own.
Some kids living close by are coming into Happy House School, whilst we are supporting the education of others in schools nearer to their homes.
We are, thanks to our wonderful friends who are continuing to support their sponsor child , meeting the costs of their education and all they need for school and will cover the costs of any medical care. Just as we are for those who have stayed in Happy House school.
Mama and Uncle Billy have devoted a huge amount of time and energy into ensuring all is in place for each child. They have visited homes and schools, talked to head teachers and made sure that should a problem arise they are the first port of call.
Mama and Uncle Billy will receive each child's results and monitor their progress.
It doesn't stop there. The kids are still very much Happy House kids, and Uncle Billy checks up on them regularly - visiting or calling their homes, speaking to relatives and the kids themselves or calling in at school.
When she can, Mama goes on visits as well,  keen hear first hand how they are getting on and making sure they are happy and settled - and to let them know that Mama and Papa are never far away.