Monday, 3 October 2016

Network widens

The Happy House led the way  instigating the Malindi CCI - a network of social workers or reprentatives of local children's homes.
They work together in the interests of children, by sharing experience and expertise.
Uncle Billy, our social worker and a key player in the network,writes:
"Our Malindi network got a wonderful opportunity to host our counterparts from the South Coast
.It was an amazing experience to have such an event which saw them visit two homes in Malindi before visiting us at Happy House in the afternoon.
The participants were amazed at what they saw in the different settings. They were impressed with the levels of cleanliness and how happy the kids were
Our garden was greatly lauded with most of the members promising to take a leaf from our book.
Matters concerning religious arrangements for children,sustainability of the projects,exit strategies,relationship with the government agencies were shared with the visitors learning a great deal from us since they are relatively new in the field.
There was a lot to share but time limitations  prompted  the participants to plan for another meeting where Malindi, Kilifi, networks could visit South coast for a similar  session,hopefully  before the end of the year."