Monday, 17 October 2016

Blogs show our kids how you care

 Our daily blog is just a snapshot of Happy House life.
It gives a glimpse of what is happening in our children's home and school, family events, and of the impact Mama's work is having in the community.
It also tells of what is going on in the world beyond, how our friends and supporters around the world are helping to raise the vital funds we need to keep going,
And Mama Sue ensures the children and young people in our care,and our staff, understand the enormous efforts and sacrifices of our sponsors and friends who go the extra mile to help make a difference.
She doesn't want anyone to be under the illusion that it is easy, and reminds them that the environment they live in or go to school in, and everything they have, depends on the generosity of others.
But, she tells them, they have a responsibility to give something back in return. To work hard, behave well, be kind to others and to strive, when they go out into the wider world, to make a difference to their communities.
In a blog session with Mama, Papa and Uncle Billy, the children saw recent blogs incluiding the video to launch our Invest in the Future College Fund and Auntie Libby speaking at  Inner Wheel District 19 Service gathering.
The youngsters, who write their own blogs on Sundays, listened intently and took Mama's message to heart as these blogs, written by Form 1 scholarship students Kelvin and Moses,illustrate:

Kelvin David: 

It’s really nice being one of the Happy House children.
 I have never been to such a place before where children are taught moral virtues that help them in everyday life. These virtues are conveyed in various ways
A good example is watching various blogs that are chaired by our lovely Mama Sue and Papa Dave not forgetting our hardworking, committed manager Uncle Billy.
 These blogs really mean something to us. 
They  remind us who we are and where we came from. These blogs bring a sense of unity among us. They do build a sense of appreciation among us.
These blogs have taught me how to appreciate whatever one does for me. Love is another value that is bound between us when watching these blogs, that’s why our lovely hearted supporters share this love with us through donations and various ways that leads to rising of joy in our hearts.
 These blogs make me have an ambition of building a children’s home that would accommodate needy children since a sense of caring is built , not forgetting good deeds showed to us by our caring Mama Sue.

Moses Cosmas:

I am delighted to talk to you this day. I would like to talk about the nice blog sessions that our Mama Sue has introduced in the school. 
These sessions have brought a lot of changes to my life, since I have known where the sponsorship comes from. 
I am grateful to see that most of the kind people from different continents give  aid to this family they join hands with Mama and Aunt Libby to make our future bright. 
Your efforts have really motivated towards my academic since somebody somewhere struggles to work in a winter season to better my future life. 
My heart feels the love that am getting from you, and I am thankful.
After my studies  I will give back in the community. 
These blogs that we watch have really given me the courage to achieve my mission and ambitions to help other children one day, since love is like a magic penny, you put in your pocket and you don’t have any, but if take it and you give it away it comes right back to you.
Thank you     


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We have set up a savings account to help our first intake of secondary school students, all from abject poverty, through university when they leave our Happy House School in 2019.
The scholarship kids have dreams of changing their world by becoming doctors, lawyers, engineers, social workers etc.
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