Monday, 10 October 2016

Investing in their future

What's next? 
What will happen to the kids when they leave you?
That's a question so many people ask.
As for everything, Mama has a plan.
We are now preparing for the day, in three years time, when our first secondary students will be ready to go on to the next stage of their education.
They are bright, hardworking, ambitious young people, all of whom come from backgrounds of extreme hardship, and many will, we believe, be university material.
By giving them an education and hope, we have help to build their dreams. It will be our responsibility to ensure they can achieve them.
They want to be doctors, engineers, lawyers, social workers, teachers, business leaders. They will help shape their communities and their country.

Our first intake of Dr Danwata Scholarship Students in 2014 and
 above in 2016
Today, Mama Sue and the kids talk on video about the future and we are appealing to you, over the next three years, to support us in Investing in Their Future - by donating to our college fund appeal.
We are opening a separate bank account, with the highest interest Mama can source, to build up a fund to help meet the costs of sending these young people to university and higher education. Mama and Uncle Billy are also looking, now, to see what support from the Government is available and how we can tap into it.
You can help by making a donation (every penny will count)  as and when you can, holding a fundraising event or, if you can, by sponsoring a scholarship student.
If you could donate today you would be showing these young people, who value education above all else, that you believe in them and are investing in their future.
To donate please go:to:
To sponsor (£20 a month is the optimum amount) please email

Thank you.