Thursday, 20 October 2016

A new start for sad little trio

A tragic little threesome woke up to a nourishing breakfast this morning after their first night in our Happy House family
Five year old Faith, her brother Joshua, three. and elder sister Lydia, nine, were brought to their new home yesterday after being discovered living in  extreme hardship and neglect,
Our intervention came at the request of the Children's Services Department who had been alerted to the children's plight by the police and neighbours.
The children were being left alone for days at a time by their parents who work as casual labourers on building sites and neighbours, who were doing their best to help,  were fearful for the children. 
They came home to Happy House to a warm welcome from the children and staff and after a shower, a meal and new clothes were much happier and starting to make friends.
Children's Services are in touch with the mother's family up country and it is possible that they may, in time, find a safe home there.
But for the foreseeable future they will remain in our care and can enjoy a happy and carefree childhood.
We have a  Happy House kids, like these three newcomers, who are yet to have a sponsor.
If you can take a Happy house kid into your heart by becoming sponsor please email for details. Sponsorship is £20 a month.


Please vote for Children of Watamu in the documentaries category of the Charity Film Awards to highlight our work with children from despair at our at the Happy House and our founder Sue Hayward's inspiring story told in the beautiful film made for us, free of charge, by our friend Massimiliano Zeuli. Please vote for Children of Watamu and ask your friends to do the same.


We have set up a saving account to help our first intake of secondary school students, all from abject poverty, through university when they leave our Happy House School in 2019.
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