Monday, 31 October 2016

Colourful end to school year

The curtain fell on a busy school year with a spectacular showcase of talents for parents, guardians and friends at Happy House School on Friday.
Founder of our charity, Mama Sue chaired the colourful gathering and was joined on the top table by Papa Dave,  general manager Uncle Billy, administrator Auntie Rose and guests, Brenda and Red Groves.

Class by class the children and young people, coached by their teachers,  entertained with a varied programme including Scottish dance, Indian dance, songs, poems, plays and breathtaking acrobatics
Our KG3 children, who will be moving up to primary school in January, had a lively and happy graduation ceremony and finished with a song, much to the joy of the assembled audience.
Closing Day is also a time to reward outstanding success and improvement.
The best class in lower primary was class three, while class six was the best class in upper primary
The most improved class in the whole school was class seven.
It was a very happy day in a happy school,

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