Thursday, 27 October 2016

A day to remember

 Friends who visit bring so much to our family,  so in return we want to give them memories that will live on in their hearts forever.
So this week Mama and Papa hosted a special Kidz Club for our guests.
It was a chance to  welcome two of our oldest friends Brenda and Red Groves, to thank Jacke and Colin McLean who leave  on Friday, to say hello again to returning volunteer, Gussy Bunbury and introduce to Sebastian and Hongwei and their daughter, Mia, who are on a break in Watamu from Congo, to our family.
The youngsters put on a programme of entertainment with dancing, singing and a catwalk show.
In a tug of war the girls flexed their muscles to beat the boys, but in retaliation the boys were not being left behind and mastered a splendid pyramid in their acrobatics!
As a treat the children had a chance to bob for apples and the afternoon ended with all the guests getting up to dance.
During the afternoon, on little boy was rewarded for outstanding effort.
Brian Hayward, six, has been trying so hard to learn his tables and on Saturday told  Mama and Papa he had now learnt his nine times table!
He recited it perfectly, just as he can all the tables up to and, now including, nine.
Mama presented him with his own colourful times tables book, brought by Jackie and Colin, to congratulate him for trying so hard,

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