Saturday, 29 October 2016

Welcome back Auntie Gussy

Our Happy House magic touches everyone who visits.
Its love and warmth, casts a spell that leaves them longing to return.
Gussy Bunbury, who spent five months volunteering in our school earlier this year, is now back again.
The children are overjoyed to see their Auntie Gussy once more, especially the little people she worked so closely with - Lesley, David and Earnest.
She brought with her some wonderful learning resources for our pre-school and kindergarten.
Gussy, who has worked in schools  all over the world, says that none is as special at our Happy House,
"Mama Sue and Papa Dave have truly created something magical here. Every child, teacher, volunteer and visitor  cannot help but have a little bit of that magic rub off on to them," she says.
Welcome back Gussy.