Friday, 14 October 2016

Hurrah for David!

Proud as punch, David Hayward junior waves his Star of the Week Award for all to see.
He's following in the footsteps of his namesake, Papa Dave, in being a real gentleman.
David received the award from Mama Sue because he is such a well-mannered little boy and always uses his "polite words".
David, who has special needs, has overcome so many obstacles to become a wonderful, kind, little boy who is so considerate towards his younger brothers and sisters.
When Abdulmalik was given the award for wanting to help in the kitchen, Mama said it was David who took him by the hand and led him to the front.
There was loud applause for David at Kidz Club when Mama gave him his certificate and a cuddle!
Also at Kidz Club, Year 8 Primary Kids have just a few weeks until their important KCPE examination and are pulling out all the stops to match the 100% pass of last year's Class 8.
Please vote for Children of Watamu in the documentaies category of the Charity Film Awards to highlight our work with children from despair at our at the Happy House and our founder Sue Hayward's inspiring story told in the beautiful film made for us, free of charge, by our friend Massimiliano Zeuli. Please vote: Children of Watamu and ask your friends to do the same.


We have set up a savings account to help our first intake of secondary school students, all from abject poverty, through university when they leave our Happy House School in 2019. The scholarship kids have dreams of changing their world by becoming doctors, lawyers, engineers, social workers etc.Please help them to achieve their dreams by donating at: