Friday, 30 September 2016

Special times

There were special visitors for two of our children this week.
Abdulmalik, who was abandoned by his mum as a baby, had a visit from his dad who, after working out of the country is back in Kenya and has traced his son to Happy House.
Bramuel was thrilled to see Abdulmalik, who was a tiny baby, when he last saw him.
Abdulmalik was, understandably, was very unsure of the stranger.
Bramuel patiently and quietly talked to his son who later climbed on his knee,
Bramuel will be coming to see him as often as he can,
Meanwhile, Jessica's visitors were sponsors Brian and Maxine Haigh from Leeds.
They called into Happy House where they were shown round by Papa Dave before going on to school to say hello

to Jessica and to visit her class.
Thank you for coming Maxine and Brian.