Wednesday, 21 September 2016

School Report:Currency v barter debate

School is buzzing with activity as kids are pulling out all the stops to achieve the targets they agreed with teachers at the start of term, writes Md Sarah..
Setting individual targets keeps everyone on their toes.
Primary classes enjoyed a lively debate when the topic was trading in currency versus bartering. 
Currency came out an overwhelming winner as the kids decided it was better to be able to use currency to buy what you need or want than to barter which would require having an item or items exchange.
Playgroup children enjoyed a session where thet were blowing with long or short breaths which they find fun whilst also exercising their muscles.
Baby class kids relaxed with a hand massage session where they covered their heads to aid relaxation while the teacher spoke words of positive affirmation as he massaged their hands in turn.
Earlier they used sponges to squeeze gently onto each others skin discover both the sensory and textural experience and also to leran how sponge reacts to touch.